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Excited PHIfans awaiting the Teaser trailer for THE GOSPEL OF PHI will enjoy this  artwork designed by Kim Poirier, and by
Diederik M. Mighty Brave Producers; Lisa Wegner and Kim Poirier are attending the
Cannes International Film Festival and look
forward to sharing their success and fun from the French Rivieria with us here at
the PHIfan.  
For a very intimate, and personal journal from producer Lisa Wegner's please go to
The above maps reflect YouTube searches, Google Searches, and related searches for PHI BULANI.  We we're really thrilled to see
that there has been this kind of interest sparked by PHI's prescence on the net, as reflected in his You Tube bootlegged vids and
various screening.  Search ratio's reflected demographic/users ranging from 50% google, 50% YouTube, to 15% related searches-
35% Google, and or 35% YouTube,  with another 15% reflecting other sources.  With such limited distribution  this is an incredible
reflection of Mr. Bulani's  watchability and the impact of our work and affections felt here at
the PHIfan.       
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